Rolex Polishing Service: A Guide

Posted by Suzie Kidger-Clarke

on 31st May 2023

Rolex watches are known for their exceptional beauty, outstanding reliability, and precision.

These timepieces are designed to last for generations, but a Rolex watch service is recommended to keep them running perfectly and looking great.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Rolex watch servicing.

Why service your Rolex?

Servicing your Rolex watch is essential to ensure that it continues to perform at its best. Over time, the movement of your watch can become less accurate, and the bracelet and case can develop scratches and marks from wear.

Regular servicing can help restore your watch to its former glory and maintain its value.

How often should you service your Rolex watch?

Rolex recommends that you have your watch serviced every ten years. However, if you wear your watch daily or expose it to harsh conditions, such as water or extreme temperatures, you may need to service it more frequently. Vintage Rolex watches may also require more frequent servicing.

What does a Rolex watch service include?

A full Rolex service includes a complete service of the movement, a polish of the case and bracelet, and a thorough examination of the watch’s overall condition.

Highly trained Rolex experts will perform a servicing to exacting standards, ensuring that your watch looks and performs like new. Whether a vintage watch or a slightly newer model, many Rolex owners opt to get their Rolex serviced as a form of investment.

Assessment of your Rolex watch

We’ll start by examining your Rolex watch before servicing your Rolex completely, so we can assess any scuffs, marks or repairs needed.

Preparation for Rolex watch servicing

The smallest of elements are removed from the case of your Rolex, allowing us to access all areas of your Rolex watch, for an all-round intricate Rolex service.

We carefully dismantle the movement and parts, for further examination, before systematically replacing them – giving you a perfectly serviced luxury watch.

Rolex polishing

Rolex polishing is an essential part of a complete service. The polishing process removes scratches and marks from the watch’s case and bracelet, restoring its appearance to as close as possible to its original condition. A polished Rolex watch looks like new, making it more enjoyable to wear and helping to maintain its value.

Rolex refurbishment

If your Rolex watch has visible wear and tear, it may require refurbishment. A refurbishment includes a complete service, a polish, and any necessary repairs or replacement parts.

Refurbishing your watch can make it look like new again, which is especially important for vintage Rolex watches.

Service guarantee

When you have your watch serviced by an authorised dealer, you can expect a service guarantee. This guarantee ensures that your watch has been serviced to the highest standards and any issues that arise within a certain period will be addressed at no additional cost. At LH Watch Trade, we give a 1-year full movement warranty.

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Rolex watches that can benefit from a Rolex service

All Rolex watch models, including the GMT-Master, Air-King, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner, can benefit from a polishing service. Regular servicing and polishing can keep your watch looking new and running accurately for years to come.

If your Rolex is 7 years old (for older models to 10 years old) – You should consider seeking a Rolex service, regardless of whether it runs as expected or not.

Servicing your Rolex with LH Watch Trade

Do you have a number of Rolex watches? Or maybe you’ve recently invested in your first luxury timepiece? No matter the situation, we can help service your Rolex.

With a 1 year service guarantee, you can rest assured we’ll service your Rolex in-house. In other words, your luxury watch will never be sent away by us. Not only do we promise a quick turnaround, but we charge just £350 for a Rolex servicing. We can also carry our Rolex repairs when required, getting your Rolex watch running at its best once again.

Ready to go? You can get in touch with us online, by phone by calling: 023 9270 4396 or by email: we look forward to hearing from you.